Pet Adoption Story: Calypso

As told by Shayley Dupaix.

Calypso was four weeks old when she was found, and she was very close to death. She was covered in tar, her tail was broken in three places, she had feline herpes, and she hadn’t had a bowel movement since she was found (it had been three days until she came to my house). When I saw her I knew I had to take her in.

I didn’t know how I would help her because she was my first actual rescue but I had a close relationship with the owner of a rescue center that I’d worked with in the past so I called her.

She told me she would love to help and asked if I would be willing to foster her and I said yes. She was this tiny little four-week-old kitten that had to have formula and be fed every two hours and still hadn’t had a bowel movement.

I gave her a bath and picked all the tar off her nails and fur. I talked to the rescue center and they told me if she didn’t have a bowel movement by the morning she would have to be taken in to get an enema but first give her a tablespoon of cows milk to see if she would get everything out of her system.

While I was at work my best friend tried and tried to get her to take the milk but she just wouldn’t. I got the idea to mix it with some wet food and she took it. Within 20 minutes she had her bowel movement. I have never been so excited about that kind of stuff before!

After that it was getting her shots, and keeping up on her medication for her feline herpes. Feline herpes is a scary thing too! Her eyes would just swell shut to the point where you couldn’t see her eyeball! I thought her eye was gone!

We kept up on her meds, got her spayed and her shots and she ended up being my first foster and my first foster fail! I couldn’t be more happy about it though! She’s such a good little kitty!

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