Pet Adoption Story: Oxy

As told by Jasmine Jordan.

My husband and I always knew one day we would get a cat. We had just gotten married in August (2017) and wanted to wait awhile before we introduced a pet to our little family. But I couldn’t wait! It wasn’t before long that I started asking (or begging) for a cat for Christmas. I even tried to get a cat before then several times but my husband assured me, my Christmas present would be furry.

A couple weeks before Christmas, we started looking. We went to a few shelters and a couple of adoption days at Petsmart. At one of the adoption days, we ran into a program called From Homeless to Forever. We saw these two beautiful white cats but one was super unique. He had two different colored eyes! My husband and I were smitten quickly. But, unfortunately, due to traveling for the holidays, we decided to wait until January to bring any pet home.

Later that afternoon, I asked my husband what he would name the white cat with two colored eyes if we took him home. He bounced off names like Snowball, Cosmo, and Milky Way. Then he asked me, “what’s that cleaning product called again? Oxiclean?” And we decided Oxy would be the perfect name for this cat.

At that moment, we realized this was the cat for us. We emailed the adoption company to see if he was still available and he was! We told them that we really wanted to adopt him but had to wait until the beginning of the year. Because he was in a foster home, this worked out perfectly.

When we went to sign the adoption papers, the lady we met with gave us a run down of his personality. Very chill. Loves to cuddle. Very playful. Happy. Smart. Oh, and deaf. We had literally just signed the documents when we told us this. My husband and I exchanged a look and then I said, “not a problem!”

The second we brought Oxy home, he went straight to our bedroom, and jumped onto our bed. He immediately started kneeding it and rolling around and purring. He was happy and at home!

It’s been two weeks since he’s been apart of our family and he fits our mold so well! He loves cuddling between me and my husband, playing with a laser, and jumping from his cat trees (we just got him a second one… so spoiled already).

Oxy being deaf doesn’t seem to affect him at all. He will never be able to go outside on his own, but he seems to be happy staying with us anyway. He doesn’t scare easily and he is so mellow. He’s the most relaxed cat I know. He has yet to be aggressive and we doubt he ever will. He has too many toys to ever take his energy out on us!

Oxy has been such a joy to our little family. We hope this helps people realize that deaf cats aren’t necessarily “special needs” and don’t come with a bunch of medical bills. Oxy is a healthy, normal cat!

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