Pet Adoption Story: Murphy and Zendaia

As told by Kaet Wilde.

Murphy was adopted by a young couple as a puppy and lived with them in the city until he was about 8 months. The couple found out they were expecting and decided they couldn’t handle a dog and a baby in their small apartment. I was looking for a dog at the time and saw their post and adopted him from them. He was the happiest craziest dog the day I met him and still has the exact same puppyish energy and zest that he did 6 years ago. Also, I think he’s much happier as a country dog!

Zendaia was rescued by a local rescue in Buffalo, NY that takes dogs that aren’t doing so hot in the shelter and finds them foster homes. She had doggy pneumonia and was struggling badly when they got her. She was shy, scared, and broken spirited. She was in her foster home barely a month when I came across her at an adoption event at Petco. I wasn’t exactly looking for another dog and I was extremely hesitant to take her in because two dogs seemed overwhelming. She came to meet Murphy and she wasn’t exactly nice to him which made me even more nervous, but for some reason I took her in anyway. Probably because she had the sweetest saddest brown eyes I had ever seen… it was some kind of soul connection. They left her there that night and never contacted me again or even cashed my check!

I don’t think it was a very well run rescue and they have since shut down, but I’m grateful for them for saving this sweet girl from the shelter and bringing her to me. It took a long time for her to adjust and she’s still working through some behavioral issues, but she’s a good girl and LOVES all humans. (She will deadweight onto a stranger within 5 seconds of meeting them.)

Their absolute favorite activity of all time is hiking. We hike on the snowmobile trail that goes through my backyard as well as local parks and the Adirondack mountains a few times every year.

I can’t say that owning dogs is easy or always fun. It’s challenging and I think people, especially younger people, should deeply consider what it means to own a pet before diving into it. I adopted both of these dogs at a young age. I was 20 when I got Murphy and 24 when I got Zen.

It’s been a struggle at times to find places to live that allow pets and to find people to watch them when I go away on trips. (Not to mention that vet bills are expensive!!!).

But overall, they’ve enriched my life in countless ways and shown me more love than I could have ever imagined. They are the best snugglers and I can count on them to make me laugh at least once a day, but probably more like 20 times. They keep me active and have played a huge role in maintaining my mental health.

If you do decide to bring a dog into your life, please do so intentionally and from a rescue. There are so many dogs without homes with amazing personalities and SO MUCH LOVE to bring into your life. Also, there are tons of purebreds in shelters so if you’re looking for a specific breed don’t let that be an excuse. let’s you search for age, breed, etc by location and it’s a really nifty tool for finding a specific breed near you. [SIDE BAR from Pet Gotcha Day!  Don’t forget that is a nifty tool too as you get to meet available adoptable pets through video!!!! :)]

Happy adopting!

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