Pet Adoption Story: Ophelia

She makes us smile every single day.  She’s a very happy girl and just wiggles with excitement.  When we walk in the door after work, she can barely contain her excitement.  After the death of our Murray boy, I can’t remember the last time we laughed so much as we do now with Ophie.  Murray can never be replaced but he would have wanted us to save another life.  Shelter dogs (and cats) are very important to us and Ophie fits right into the mold with us.  She loves to take long walks through the forest preserves and she is really good with our cats.  All Ophie wants to do is be with her pack and play.  We named her Ophelia because in Greek, her name means “help” and that’s exactly what she is doing.  She is helping us to not be sad, but to smile and laugh again.

Our beloved Murray boy passed away on November 2, 2016. He was our world. He was the ring bearer in our wedding. He walked down the aisle in Church. When I say he was our world, I mean it. His death was devastating. DEVASTATING. We have cats and decided to focus on them while we grieved. After ten months, I couldn’t get past the sadness. It came in waves and when it came, it poured. Some days I felt like I was just drowning and those darn FB memories that kept showing up in my feed were just about killing me. Since we had cats, I knew we had to adopt a dog that was cat friendly. We volunteer at an animal shelter and we knew we wanted to save a life so here we are … Ophelia has been with us for three weeks now and there is laughter in the house again. We named her Ophelia because in Greek, her name means “help” and that’s exactly what she is doing. Helping us to be bright again.

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