Pet Adoption Story: Rosy

Helen and Nick adopted Rosy on April 4, 2014 when she was about 11 weeks old. At the time, she weighed in at eight pounds, and now carries 32 pounds of mostly muscle. We picked January 25 as her birthday, since no one actually had a better guess. She now lives on a ravine in Toronto. Her chief of staff is her Mama, Helen. Second in command is her daddy, Nick. Rosy’s human sisters are away at university,  but she’s thrilled with their company whenever they’re home. We are so honored to have Helen tell us more about Rosy’s adoption story:

Rosy’s story reportedly begins in Ukraine from where she and her siblings were exported to Northern Ontario. It was there that their wholesaler discovered that Rosy and one of her brothers (now known as Hugo Boss) both had dermoids on their eyes. In his eyes, it wouldn’t be profitable to keep them in order to sell them. That’s when they were taken to a vet to be euthanized. Fortunately, the vet told the man to get lost because he would find them homes. Knowing it would be easier to find forever homes for Frenchies in Toronto, he contacted my friend’s vet to ask for help. Immediately, in the winter depths of March, the long trek up north was made to rescue the little pair.

Luckily, my friend had her dog at the vet later that week and offered to foster Rosy for the weekend. We were summoned to meet her and instantly fell in love with our pink nosed pup. The next day we visited her again. On the third day, she moved in with us. We would never have considered buying a dog, and taught our children that adopting an animal was the best choice. When Rosy came along, it was clearly time to adopt because she was affectionate and energetic from the start. We knew with her personality that we’d have to tell the vet right away we wanted to adopt, because there would be competition. They checked us out with their clients who knew us, and she was ours!

Rosy has become a valuable member of her community. Her pack includes her human family, her extended family in the neighbourhood, and the seniors in her Grandma’s residence. She”s gentle with children and seniors, and loves to rough house with stronger people. Rosy is friendly with most dogs, with the notable exception of the Doberman down the street who is aggressive.  She enjoys walks with Jimmy the Husky and playing with Mindy and Mia in their yard. At the dog park, Rosy likes to explore on her own, but eventually joins in with the rowdier dogs. Likewise, at Frenchie Meets, she sticks with the calmer dogs until the right  friend comes along.

I tell everyone I meet Rosy’s story, because I want them to understand every dog can be a perfect companion, even if they are not physically perfect. She no longer has the pink nose that led to her being named Rosy, but as the dermoid doesn’t bother her, she still has that. I also tell everyone I meet that if they want a Frenchie, to please adopt because unethical people are discarding them every day because so many of them have “faults” that make them money-losers. With respect to other breeds, I maintain a good dog or cat is just waiting to meet them. Adoptees who have been mistreated will need more patience, but the right human will have that.  If we could manage it, adopting another Frenchie would be great. We’ll just have to see who comes along!

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