Pet Adoption & Virtual Reality Viewers

When you are ready to start the pet adoption process, do you worry that the picture you see on the pet adoption site isn’t actually worth 1,000 words?  Don’t fret…just visit Pet Gotcha Day!  We use fully immersive 360-degree video technology to showcase adoptable pets.  Our videos will allow you to virtually meet the pet before meeting them in real life.  Get ready to experience firsthand how the pet of your dreams plays, interacts with shelter volunteers and loves.  View pets on your computer or mobile device.  For an incredible, one of a kind experience, we recommend viewing through a virtual reality headset.   A $5 version to the more expensive options will work just fine.  All you need to do is open up on your mobile phone, pop it into the viewer and be prepared to fall in love.

Last weekend we enjoyed meeting folks at the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair.  Attendees had the opportunity to view adoptable pets using a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset and wow!, they had fun!  Viewers felt as if the pet was right next to them; that they could reach out and touch them.  Potential adopters got to know the personality of each pet viewed.

btw…Benji was a crowd favorite.  Check him out!

If you have a VR viewer, we recommend giving it a try for yourself.  Enjoy and have fun!


Woof & Meow!

Pet Gotcha Day! Team

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