Pet Adoption Story: Debbie

Debbie is an animal lover and teacher out of Florida. At the time she and her family have three dogs and a cat. Animal adoption has changed her life, and she wishes she could rescue more. Here is her story, in her own words.

I am married and have 2 teenage sons. I am a vpk teacher at The Mattisyn School. I am from Indiana. 

I wanted a Golden Retriever. A neighbor adopted Goldens so I decided to look on in Florida. We found Bella. She was about 5 at the time. Beautiful and such a loving girl. She passed a year ago on August 9, 2016. 

A couple months after my older son wanted to adopt again. We fostered 3 Goldens but it didn’t work out. We found a white Lab through Adopt-A-Pet in Boca. Come to find out they came from Alabama. They were brought to my house right off the plane. We took her and she was invested with flees. The next day she was sick. Took her to my vet and she had parvovirus. Had them come get her. Told them they should of told us and we still wanted to adopt her but get her well. For over 3 months its was very wearing and frustrating trying to get info on her. We would email the foster and would never here from her. Every once in awhile she would email and say she was getting better. Then not better. Come get her. Then not come get her. Finally we went to get her. She was very thin. We were not even sure if it was the same dog but we took her. She’s been doing great and is a blessing to have. Her name Stella and she’s a little over a year old. 

I lost my father and he had a black and white cat with white paws.  I wanted to adopt a cat just like his. I searched and searched and found Boots at Peggy Animal Rescue. He was just like my dads cat Boots so we adopted him and he was about 3 in March 2013. 

My Pomeranian passed in March 2002. I ended up adopting a male Sheltie from Christmas, Fl. Fenway. He’s now 15 years old and love him to death. 

Just over a week ago after searching for over a year we found a about 3 year old male Golden from Golden Rescue South Fl. Cody. He’s such a joy and good boy. I just wish I could help more animals get loving homes.  That’s my passion. If I could afford to leave my job and work doing what I love I would but unfortunately I can’t. I have to have a job that pays me. All the adoptions were great except Adopt-A-Pet. It was just terrible the way they handled things and what they put us through while Stella was recovering but we adore her.

Pet adoption changed my life. It fills my heart knowing that I was able to give a animal a chance at a loving home. Forever loving home. Taking them for walks, giving them a bath, sleeping with them, laying down with them. Going to the dog park. Comforting me when I’m sad. I would like to shut down ALL breeders.  More televised about adoption. Get their stories out there. What kind of life they have had to why they need a loving forever home. I would tell people to adopt because there are SO many animals who have had such a horrific life. Their hearts are broken. They have feelings just like us and deserve a chance at a happy for ever loving family. The joy that having a family brings. The security and love. 

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