Pet Adoption Story: Khaleesi

Adrienne and her family have had two Pit Bulls, Bella and Khaleesi, along with two cats. Bella sadly passed away last year.

They waited about a year after Bella’s passing to adopt a new dog. Khaleesi’s adoption story is not uncommon. It wasn’t planned. A friend had rescued her, but couldn’t keep her. When Adrienne saw Khaleesi’s picture, she just knew that she had to have her join the family. She saw a picture and got a feeling in her gut that it was meant to be. It was something about her eyes that spoke to her. She spoke to her husband for 30 minutes and that was all it took to convince him.

Her friend brought her to her fur-ever home the following evening. They had a few things from Bella, but called her parents to come over to watch their human kids so that they could go out and get all of the supplies so that Khaleesi would feel welcome.

At the time of speaking to Adrienne, they have had Khaleesi for about a week. She is busy getting to know the cats, or rather staring at and running up to explore the cats. All Khaleesi wants to do is play and the cats are warming up … slowly.

Adrienne wanted us to know that Pit Bulls are “gentle giants.” Contrary to stereotypes, they are the sweetest things. Their Pit Bulls have always been loyal to the family, and they have never had a problem with them. Both dogs have made the family feel safe, yet all they do is lick everyone. The Pitties have been scared of the silliest things, such as leaves! They want people to know that Pit Bulls are playful and family friendly. It truly is how you raise your dog!

Khaleesi is happy in her fur-ever home.  The pic with her husband and two kids is 30min into their first meeting.  Khaleesi felt right at home.

Adrienne’s husband added that Khaleesi has brought more happiness into the household as cats, kids and them are happier.  They missed Bella and there had been a lingering sadness.  Now the kids are excited to play with and walk Khaleesi.  There’s constant smiles and laughter.

Khaleesi’s favorite game is tag…however, she tries to avoid the tag.


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