Pet Adoption Story: Tucky From Kentucky

We had the pleasure of talking to the owners of Tucky, who is just so “tucking” cute! Tucky’s fur-ever parents are a newly-married couple living in New York City. They both grew up with small dogs, and had always looked forward to having their own. They realized the timing was finally right and started engaging with local rescues to find the perfect pup for their home. It took a few months, but when they saw Muddy Paws Rescues’ photos of Tucky, they knew he was their fur-ever pup. He came from a litter of Chihuahua mix puppies that were left in a Kentucky shelter, and thankfully Muddy Paws Rescue scooped them up and brought the adorable fur-babies to NYC. They are all now living their best lives!

We are so excited to learn more about Tucky’s GOTCHA day! How did you find Tucky, and how did you know he would be your new best friend?
We found Tucky by obsessively following the local NYC rescues’ social media pages. We knew we wanted a Chihuahua mix, but not a super tiny one because we love to play and cuddle. We wanted a friendly, loving pup to share our love with!
 What inspired you to adopt a dog instead of buying one?
We realized there are way too many loving dogs out there that don’t get the second chance they deserve, and wanted to do whatever we could to help save a precious life.
What was the adoption process like for you?
Seamless! Muddy Paws Rescue made it so easy and even gave us amazing tips for starting out with a puppy.
How did adopting Tucky change your life?
We can’t even remember life before Tucky. He is seriously the greatest joy and the greatest gift. Everything is so much better with him!
How do you like to spend quality time with Tucky? What are some of his favorite activities?
We spend a lot of time cuddling! Tucky is also a great traveler, and shares our love of traveling with us; he’s been with us to Seattle, Cape Cod, California, all over New York, and looks forward to traveling more! He also loves to go on puppy play dates, out to cafes with us, and walks around the neighborhood. His favorite indoor activities are chasing his tail and turning his bed into a toy that he carries around on his back.
What stereotypes would you like to shatter about animal adoption and rescue pets? What are your goals in sharing your adoption story?
There are adoptable animals out there to fit every family and lifestyle! There are puppies, young dogs, senior dogs. All breeds. All personalities. Whatever you’re looking for in a pet, you can find it in a rescue!
What advice would you give to someone looking to adopt a rescue pet?
Take the time to find the right pet, but know that s/he is out there and you will find the right pet for you in time!
How do you think adopting a rescue pet can make a positive difference in people’s lives?
They bring the most joy and unconditional love possible, and I don’t think it’s quite possible to understand until you have one of your own!
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