Pet Adoption Story: Marley

On August 18th, Kristin and Morgan found Marley in a drainage ditch. She was about four weeks old, and covered in fleas and ticks.

It was bad timing, as they were flying out of town the next morning at 7 am,  but who would resist that face? They took Marley to their car, and watched the fleas crawl over her tiny body. Any flashes of doubt disappeared once she flashed her happy puppy smile. They were sold.

They went straight to the vet to get her checked out and got a clean bill of health. Then the real battle began.

Since Marley was so young, they couldn’t use a traditional flea bath. So they turned to Dawn dish soap. They fought for more than five hours, taking turns soaking her, brushing out fleas and picking off ticks with tweezers. There was a meltdown after three grueling hours, and Marley was miserable. But they knew in the end it would be worth it. Over 30 ticks were pulled from Marley. By 1 am, she was completely bug-free.

They have had Marley for almost four weeks to date, and she is a happy, healthy, smiling little pup who enjoys living the good life with her new human family! She loves snuggles, chasing her feline sisters and exploring the outdoors. She has already learned how to sit and lay down, and is almost potty trained! They wouldn’t change a thing!

Follow Marley on Instagram to see where life takes her: @marleythenaturalpup


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