Pet Adoption: Using 360 Video to Find Your Perfect Pet

We all want to find the perfect pet that compliments our personality and lifestyle. When most people search adoptable pets online, they visit the a rescue shelter’s website and browse through still photos and short descriptions of the available pets. 

Only some of these pets will get adopted, partially because many of the photos get quickly scanned over. People are extremely visual, and base many of their decisions on first impressions. Still photography only captures one moment at one angle, and doesn’t allow the viewer to get a full sense of the appearance, personality or demeanor of their potential future pet. 

Enter the use of 360-degree videos. Regular videos themselves have proven to perform at much higher rates than images alone on social media and website traffic. 360-degree, or immersive, videos bring a whole new dimension to the video industry. 360-degree videos are created using an omnidirectional camera to record views in every direction simultaneously. This creates a video where the user has full control of the viewing direction, and can view it as seen in real life. 

Utilizing immersive videos, people are now able to view their potential new best friend in action at the convenience of never leaving their computer or mobile device. The videos are typically shot by shelter volunteers. The viewer is able to watch each pet as if they are right there with them since they are shot from the perspective of the volunteer. These videos create a greater sense of urgency in the adoption process than the still photos, as the viewer gets to see the pet just like he would in the actual shelter instead of an image to quickly scan over. The videos bring life to the pets that often go unnoticed or overlooked.

Many shelter pets who go unadopted end up euthanized. Some of these failed adoptions can be attributed to poor quality images of the pets on the web. Some pets don’t photograph well either. For example, pets with darker fur tend to take less attractive photos than pets with lighter fur. There may be a correlation between this and the fact that pets with darker fur are less likely to be adopted. Senior and handicapped pets also have a harder time finding a home. Utilizing immersive videos will help give these pets a chance to be seen as they are in real life, and give them a higher chance at being adopted into a loving home.

With the use of immersive videos, viewers can see these pets as they really are, which will revolutionize the pet adoption process and increase the adoption rate, thus decreasing the numbers of euthanized animals nationwide.  

Pet Gotcha Day is a startup that utilizes 360-degree videos to showcase adoptable pets. The mission of this remarkable new company is to revolutionize the pet adoption process, increase pet adoptions across the nation and decrease the euthanasia rate of shelter pets. Currently, they are concentrated in Chicago and Los Angeles, and have been featured in the media since their July launch.

By: Kirsten Alexis – Blogger for Pet Gotcha Day! & This Adventure Life

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